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Stephanie Rogers has been designing glassworks since 1976, and loves creating unique pieces that can be cherished for life. She exceeds expectations and delivers a product that is beautifully designed and accurately constructed every time. Whether you are looking for a large stained glass window or a collection of sandblasted stemware, Stephanie’s Glass & Art Studio is your source for fine glasswork — from concept to completion.

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The services offered at Stephanie’s Glass & Art Studio include:

  • Stained Glass
  • Unique Sandblasted Glassware
  • Sandblasted Slate
  • Sandblasted Glass
  • Slate Trophies and Awards
  • Custom Glass Design
  • Repairs and Restoration
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Testimonial

Stephanie is waiting to create something unique for you.


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Church Restoration Pieces

Window on site with four of the original painted pieces missing in the center of the window.

Church Restoration Pieces

When the window panel was taken out of the frame it completely came apart and needed to be releaded. This picture shows the disassembled window and the drawing for the missing four pieces. The design for missing pieces was copied by hand then scanned. Using the computer I made a vinyl stencil so the pieces could be painted and would all be identical

Church Restoration Pieces

The vinyl stencil was placed on the glass and painted. The parts of the panel that needed to be painted have been “weeded” out of the vinyl. The paint which is a powder is mixed with gum Arabic and water then spread over the stencil. When the paint is dry it is a light powder. The stencil is removed and the piece of glass is fired in the kiln at a temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The piece is done when the paint looks shiny. The panel must cool completely (often overnight) before being removed from the kiln. This piece was removed too soon and cracked. Do over!

Church Restoration Pieces

Tools of the Trade: light table, paint brush, gum Arabic, pallet knife, 4” badger hair paint brush.

Church Restoration Pieces

Four panels, three of which are painted and ready to go into the kiln. One piece is still covered with paint. The stencil needs to be carefully picked off so as to not remove the paint before firing.

Church Restoration Pieces

To get the gold or yellow parts on the glass it is painted with silver nitrate or “silver stain” usually on the back of the piece. Most often the silver nitrate is fired separately from the other paint and at lower temperature. The orange residue is washed off and reveals the gold or yellow. Old glass and new glass have different chemical properties and the silver nitrate reacts differently on the new glass making it very difficult to have the new stain match the old pieces.

Church Restoration Pieces

Starting to relead the window.

Tools of the Trade: Lead nippers, 2 headed hammer, horseshoe nails, Fid (red tool at top left of picture) and marking pens.

Church Restoration Pieces

The finished product.

Church Restoration Pieces

Back home where it belongs.

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